‘Process’ is the blog element of this website. I’m an emotional creature and I do my best to adhere to my own compass, which could take me in any direction at any moment. By naming this part of the website ‘Process’ I’m trying to underline a basic principle that should go hand in hand with any endeavour in personal development. It’s early days for all of us. Including me. There is so much to figure out, it can be easy to believe that everyone has got it figured out. For me there are few straight lines and I’m working hard to create a comprehensive approach to my writing and get to the bottom of what all this life stuff is all about…and how to make the best of it.

‘Process’ is also a term that harks back to my artsy days and many an afternoon in an artist’s studio talking about art creation. ‘Process’ in this arena pulls back the layers of the creative production, and artistic exploration to build (or not) physical representation of philosophical or psychological spaces (yes, that’s a thing). So in short I’ve had lots of twisty fucking conversations in my time. True process is rarely straightforward, tangible or completed. Salvador Dali has some great artistic representations of this…just saying.

So if you’re interested in going on an unorthodox ride, stick around and you just might find yourself on a very interesting trajectory.

I want to believe that this blog-esque stream of consciousness will be spurted out in a wave of originality and creative thought that has never before been experienced. However, I have a long held belief that the only thing that makes great thinkers of any note, is that they wrote their thoughts down. If you’ve been lucky enough to be Winston Churchill it’s far easier to write a book if you can dictate from your bath to a typist, while an editor doggedly re-presents you with a highly edited version of your output.

The truth is that as a self-employed business person starting out with little income it can be a bit daunting to line up all your ideas into easily digestible well marketed little bite-sized nuggets to demonstrate your ‘superior knowledge’ to would be clients. Most coaches also seem to be pitching to would be coaches rather than offering genuine solutions to your average joe (not that anyone should be considered in any way average). That could just be my Facebook and Google algorithm though.

More than that there seems to be a bounty of promises on offer that can’t possibly be delivered in any time soon. It’s hard to imagine that psychologists were going around twenty years ago trying to hard sell on mental health when in fact celebrity psychologists just advised viewers to seek professional help. Currently for many seekers it  can be confusing to decipher what kind of professional support they might need to navigate the inner workings of their soul, in order to feel a marked improvement in their emotional wellbeing.

Life Coaching engages with universal personal improvement techniques that can be applied to multiple situations, much like a mathematical formula. That means that anybody who’s willing to, can take those principles into their everyday life.  The real trick is having the insight to see where the techniques can be applied in your own life and taking the time to do it (note to self).

As a qualified ICF coach, I have invested 2 years of my time learning and mastering multiple techniques, collected from a variety of sources; from pop psychology to metaphysics. Mostly anybody who has undergone a course in a healing profession will tell you that the most powerful part of the process has been the volume of work that they have had to do on themselves. I share the same story and I can gladly say that I emerged from my coach training a calmer more balanced person and that I regularly find a deep sense of peace in my daily life, without undertaking any deliberate spiritual path, dogma, ritual or practice. I believe that with some enquiry into your own personal processes you can achieve similar outcomes.

So if you are trying to garner if this blog-esque process, a personal development workshop/course or a private coaching session is for you,  I’ll explain a little further –

This unfolding blog-esque process is a free service. You are literally going to find out lots of shit for free. I deliberately call it shit because anything that I post here has made it to my display case for polished turds (Find out more about polished turds in upcoming posts). In other words it’s taken a lot of work to discover and present these diamond insights. I do hope that as I progress in my own journey that these writings offer some entertainment and that they serve to bolster you as you travel through your own processes.

A workshop or course will give you the time and space to get a better overview of the areas in your life that may require some additional attention. Dependent on the workshop or course offered, there is potential to create lasting insights and big shifts in perspective on our own inner dialogue or specific situations. The workshops and courses are small with no more than 10 people attending.

Private Sessions are individually crafted to address your specific needs and is put together in such a way that you are able to get maximum insight. My aim for every one of my private clients is that they get a quick resolution to any immediate challenge or dilemma that you might be facing and leave every session somewhat inwardly transformed. To get the most out of these sessions it is best to start with clear ideas of specific areas which you might need your attention.

So there it is, a break down of process, what it might mean and how I may be able to support you. As proof of process you can check out my sporadically maintained personal blog here.

We are all art in process.




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