7B9DF81C-CC61-473B-9D3C-45A9273222CA.jpgGetting all spiritual and shit. Ok, so this is a step away from the usual pragmatic exploration of my own inner world and taking a look at what is manifesting in reality.  Largely it’s numbers, numbers, numbers everywhere the most common of which is 2222. Then there are 111, 333, 555, 444, 777, 888 and not so many 6’s. You’re probably ready to shout fooey or oh here we go. Is this what you are really into? Well not really. Yet for the last few days and especially during these recent solar storms I am frequently waking up in the middle of the night. One night I even woke up at 333, 444, 555 I shit you not. I’m not going to give you a download of what all the individual number mean. I am going to tell you to look out for them. Cause if you’re seeing them well your right on track.

This blog started out as a simple pragmatic way to pull people into there own sense of fulfilment as me, myself and I am continually working towards my own growth. Laying to rest some demons and finding practical ways to ground myself in my now reality. As I go through this process I seem to be slipping further and further into the esoteric, from angel numbers, incredible synchronicities, finding flow. I seem to be falling ever deeper in love with magic where it comes from what makes it and if it is something that we can manifest in our daily lives. Magic you say? Yes, magic. What does that mean in this modern reality? Everything that I just spoke about. How you might find yourself speaking to exactly who you need to in the most unexpected place. That song that comes on the radio and gets the right vibe going. You get the phone call from the person you were just thinking about. Or things literally start showing up, hairdressers, shoes and if you really want to go there crystals. Everything starts aligning. It’s like playing patience and watching all the cards fall right into place where you wanted them. It can be confusing, work out contrary to how you might think and send you running in all sorts of directions yet at the same time delivering the exact outcomes you want quicker than you expected. It’s letting go of linear thought and going with gut feeling. What do I want to do, rather than what should I do and all of a sudden the day just starts to magically align.

So how do you do it? It’s not false positivity I can tell you that. It’s something else. It’s getting deep down and dirty with your good self and making sure you are exactly where you are supposed to be at any given moment. “A wizard is never late or nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means too”.

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