An Introduction to Institutional, Governmental & Economic Abuse & Trauma

The photo was taken out outside a South African police station where a man who had been arrested for raping and murdering of Uyinene Mrwetyana was due to be let out on bail.

The evil of corruption reaches into every corner of the world. It lies at the heart of the most urgent problems we face — from economic uncertainty, to endemic poverty, to the ever-present threat of radicalisation and extremism.” — David Cameron


Anybody who knows me or indeed has much knowledge of David Cameron is having a chuckle to themselves or either feeling violated right. #fakenews before that was even a thing. Yes, David Cameron might be pointing out the obvious. However, as a member of the notorious Bullingdon Club, it’s hard to imagine how David Cameron might be able to to talk about corruption with a straight face.

We live within systems, within systems. Some small, some big. The powers that be want you to believe that they have the power, all of it. It simply isn’t true.

All of our current western systems were imagined and then primed into being. Government and governance were melded into being from chiefs, chieftains, the kingdoms to republics. For many of us, the appropriation of land and power started with a materialistic land grab that was intended to increase power and profits. Colonialists created countries that never existed and drew imagined straight lines across continents that had never been there before.  Pioneers flocked to those lines and normalised land appropriation. Religion was used to overlay their influence on the people that already lived there.  The people that wanted power took it. They didn’t ask for permission.

Our Economic system is designed to keep us enslaved. Our health system is designed to make us sick. Institutions too have sprouted up across the globe imposing their world view and imposing their agenda, whether it be education, health, religion or governance. The current economic system is more pernicious creating a structure that infiltrated everything from trade to investment. Controlling who had capital the create change.

All of the above removing us from our sense of connection

Families are ripped apart, heartbroken and trails of tears are still wept in a never-ending search for home and belonging in a world that became increasingly anti-human. Only the most rural and inaccessible parts of the world have remained intact.

Now they are being impacted. There is plastic pollution on the Island of Midway and the mountain tops of the Pyrenees. The icecaps are melting and we have oil spills in Alaska. We have weapons with the ability to destroy millions and further deteriorate life on our only planet. Yet war seems eternal and the motivation that fuels governments. We have enough abundance to feed the world and plenty for the world to be plentiful. We have to technology to connect the world with almost every human story and still the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. Poses the biggest of questions: why?

We only give them the authority on things because it wouldn’t be polite to argue. Most of us are still running around looking for certificates, awards and even qualifications to be worthy to spread the knowledge or skills that we have so that we can meet other people approval. When in fact and of course it is all made up.

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