Self Healing

I went outside this week. Self Healing is about the journey inwards.

Are we still on hashtags? Didn’t we kind of do this one before…? Yes, kind of it was all about me and my journey. This time around it’s all about you… Self-Fucking healing. It’s a trip. If you’ve figured out your triggers at this point you are already well on the road to somewhere better. What makes you angry? What makes you furious? What makes you explosive (if you are there you have got to wait for the next post, that’s all about #traumahealing) We all carry hurts, we all are hurt and we have all hurt somebody intentionally or not. Every so often I wonder who might be in therapy about me. Then I think yikes. Wow, I’ve really fucked up some people. Ex’s being some of them. I suspect that I might be a recovering narcissist and that’s well pretty difficult to get round. When I was a teenager I was pretty selfish, worse than that I was mean. Yet I was struggling, being a teenager is hard. Like super hard and if you asked most adults if they would go back to being that age again they would run for the hills.

Self-healing is hard it’s all about acknowledging that there is personal work to do. That your outer world reflects your inner world and that there are spaces in and of yourself where you have to dig deep to align. Wellness has become the new boom business where it’s no longer about aerobics and yoga it’s about the inner work. That mystical place that you’ve never been to called you. Of course, diet, sleep, exercise and water consumption all have their roles to play and you can find a coach for just about anything these days. Yet at the same time, love & light seems to do a great job of just sweeping a lot of deeply traumatic stuff under the carpet. I can tell you right now that it is traumatic to be alive in the 21st century, even though everything is getting better. There has never been a better time to be alive. Living standards and life expectancy are on the up. Yet at the same time, we are in the midst of a climate emergency (I wrote this before Covid 19). What I firmly believe is that self-healing is at the very core of planetary healing. That if we even have a chance of turning things around we need to look to our own behaviours and attitudes to see what we can improve personally. Stop the trauma transference that is what I say.  Of course, we can get onto zero waste living and even right into to militant veganism but seriously if you’re doing those things filled in with resentment and even rage where are you going with that? The polarity of approaches to climate change is a reflection of the human emotional landscape as much as anything. The wanton destruction of our rainforests has got everything to do with the psychopathic disconnection experiences by our planetary oligarchs as it has got to do with governmental policy. Heal the human and let the love grow.

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