Collective Healing

Lets be gentle with one another

This time it seems to be urgent and as much as it feel that I might be centering myself. I feel it’s important to speak and write about all that is going on out there in either. It feels urgent. Like so many of these headings I laid them out long before I new we (yes all of us) would be collectively experiencing a global pandemic and each week, each of these heading seem more important to acknowledge than the last. In fact it feels extraordinary that I seem to have landed with my thought process so heavily in sync with what seem to be the beat of collective consciousness. As we move out of one dimension into another and into greater alignment with the galactic sun.

A year ago now I became passively and now almost obsessively interested in astrology. I can tell you it is what I turn to for insight and confirmation of my soul experience, as we travel through this time. I am greatly appreciative that my soul seems to be a blank canvas on which the stars are able to paint their story. That witnessing heavenly guidance has been my only real tool to navigate the uncharted territory that we now find ourselves in.

We are all one and as I have often said it is all connected. And Yes Black Lives Matter.

Our choices ripple through time and echo in eternity. As the greater patterns unfold before us. Our ancestors brutality and brutalisation are now are here for us to clean up. We might think that it is possible for us to deny and even ignore the injustices of the past. It is not.  We carry the weight of those injustices no matter what side of this polarity you are living through. We may not be individually responsible for our collective histories, we are absolutely responsible for our collective futures. As such we must all make the continued and deliberate effort to discover how those injustices live on through us, whether that be through trauma or privilege or both.

The sacred portals of birth and death are being rediscovered again, as both the patriarchy and the institutions of the system collapse. Is it any wonder that new outer dwarf planets have appeared in the mix of our collective healing? That most of them hold divine feminine energy  Khariklo the soul midwife is here to lovingly guide us through rebirth. There have been comets and this year six eclipses will pass. One can’t help but wonder when do the dragons arrive?

If you speak to anybody that is working in other realms, the shaman, the psychic or even the empath you might find that the dragons are already here, clearing up eons of earth magic. There is talk of planetary portals and galatic federations, the second coming and even the golden age. 2020 has so far been biblical, raging wild fires, plagues of locusts, climate emergency, a pandemic, a planetary lockdown, economic collapse, a global uprising, and much much more. It’s hard to dismiss that there isn’t something stirring in the ether.

Uncertainty and confusion are awakening us. As we question with deep purpose what is happening here on planet Earth? In our sleepy suburbs humdrum homes and aspiring future that might never come in the form we once new. This last week I have felt exhausted at the relentless pace of it all. It’s ok if you have too.

We are collectively healing, holding caring, sharing, breaking. As the intelligence beyond ourselves seems to  be orchestrating this emerging narrative.

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