You Are The Dreams Of Your Ancestors

A swan feather and a book of stamps what do you use to communicate with your ancestors.

Yes you absolutely are.The odds of you being alive are around 1 in 400 trillion. That’s a   a number I’d be daunted at writing never mind visualising.

We can’t even begin to imagine what the people who have come before us have been through. Whether it be outrunning the last ice age, surviving the plague, surviving slavery, the last two word wars and/or capitalism. We have to hand it to the ancestors they were resilient. They made it, at this point it doesn’t even matter how or why, they just did.

Yes the ancestors, were probably shorter than you and very lucky to have teeth in adulthood. They had shorter lives too and would have spent most of there lives living within a 20 miles radius. It’s only been in the last hundred years or so that literacy became a common place thing. Before this they would have been wholly dependent on verbal communication between their families and immediate communities, who they would have relied on fully for their survival. I wonder if they ever got the chance to step out of survival mode?

I wonder how many of our ancestors got to experience their Limbic system? Did they have more or less time to rest? Did they breath in the moment and wonder at it all here on mother Gaia. To consider thriving and expanding into new consciousness. Just like that avocado seed. They dreamed and wove us into being with visions of the future. Imagine all things that had to coincidentally coincide for  all the ancestors to create life one generation after another and then you.

They created us. They loved us enough to care, to ensure our survival. That our lives might be better than theirs.  That we might see their stories written in the stars,  honour their building traditions, stories and lives. Even without all of that they are delighted that you exist.

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