We Are One

There is no getting away from this the idea of unity consciousness. That we are all one. As energies course through the multiverse it’s harder these day to imagine what separates us.Mercury is in retrograde and the some of the world is at the start of a second wave,  while others are still peaking on the first. To say that 2020 has been a transformative year would be and understatment. Creative energies seem to flowing through me again faster than I can keep up. I’m in a tornando of pulsating energy as the universe seems to be using in synergy with me. Right now I finding in difficult to focus on my own seperateness. For me it’s been a strange time that has resulted in feeling more deeply interconnected, than the fear of isolation.

The world has slowed down, sped up, become more intimate and immediate. It’s been a quite a journey. I have witness people collapse in on themselves. I have seen people find themselves and even grow into something better. The Great Pause seems to have become a time a place where the tyres hit the tar hit. Where what was us and what was the world merged into a sticky hot mess, where all the dark glue seeped out of matter.

My brain feels full with all that I have heard, learned,  felt and the grace I have been afforded. The world is changing and I have changed along with it. Where do we start and collective consciousness end? When we are all caught up in the global individuation seems difficult, as I am you. You are me. We are all suffering. We are all loving. We are all feeling out ways throught hsi.

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