It’s All Connected

Hmmm well this is the second time that I am writing this article. As WordPress has developed an habit of deleting my blog posts these day or at least not saving them. Who knows why? The result is that I just screamed Fuck at the computer, more distinctly the entity that is WordPress and I’m feeling a little triggered.  If it ain’t broke why fix it? That is what I say? The last week and WordPress have taught me the improvements and development often come at the expense of the individual.

This now seems the true nature of Systemic Trauma as I move through it’s innermost workings. “If you want to go far go together. If you want to go quickly go alone” African Proverb.

WordPress are going to update their systems whether it is for benefit or not. Even though I am a paying customer. Even though we know that most people are working to capacity. Even though they know it might impact my writing and even my business. What would motivate them to do that? To disenfranchise their customers in such a way?

Why would a company that I rely on want to forcing me to work more for less results and impacting on my emotional labour. Sounds like they are my employer rather than the other way round. You see by using WordPress I have inadvertently consented to there management and product development systems, that I am personally fining deeply unethical, inconsiderate and damaging to my own processes. Do they care? I doubt it. So now even though I was happy with their service I have to ask questions about my complicity in there business structures. As well as examine there motivations as to why they would want to do this. The things is the systems is rigged they probably need to update everything because they have new servers? Or software or even operating systems or it doesn’t work with the latest Iphone. Which is now bringing up ideas of designed obsolescence and the role t plays in society. I premise that it may be the greatest disruptor of our time. You see the more that we are able to destablise things the more we are able to create dependency. As the The System whittles aware at our resistance and resilience.

How do you feel when a days worth of work has disappeared? This is the third time in two weeks my output has been entirely wasted. I’m yet to discover exactly why this is happening? Any idea WordPressers? WordPress are not going to go back only forward. The agenda of progress at the expense of everyone else. Cause they want to attract new customers in the new adapt or die metaphor for technological advancement. Then imagine that we are a wolf pack apparently we are supposed to move as fast as our slowest member or we all die? It’s and interesting allegory for our time. When I think about the Systemic. That progress and agendas have been the justification of the abandonment of others.

What have we left behind? The elderly? The children? The refugees? Separation consciousness as opposed to unity consciousness as we pursue our own agendas. Look to your own life. Who have you left behind because they are hindering you. It’s become the new normal, the abandonment of relationships for the betterment of self. Rather than place in which we are allowed our differences or even better the right to return.

In the previous article I wrote that WordPress deleted, I was talking about the confusing and messy matter of understanding the systemic. How the systemic only exists on the behest of  of the ignorance, displacement aka disruption. What if we took into consideration the idea of descendent healing. That we have a responsibility to the people who have descended from our ancestory. Yes it sounds strange and yet it will make sense just as soon as WordPress buy me enough time to write about it.

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