Inherited Systems & How To Dismantle Them

This seems like I’m going to head right back to a blog post from a few months ago called The Self & The System, that highlights exactly how complicated dismantling the system actually is. What the article points out is that it’s complicated because as humans we ourselves inherit both genetics,  DNA and even mutations as a result of both our family and environmental systems. So the fact that you have a symmetrical and thus attractive face is a result of an inherited system that allows you to function better in society. To be beautiful is to be pleasing and that is very much trained into our collective consciousness and not easy to undo in a 15-minute power talk.

What you may be beginning to gather about much of both my writing and indeed my thought is that dismantling the system is very much caught up in deconstructing ourselves. Our beliefs, our values systems, our understanding of aesthetics and what we believe is socially and even politically acceptable. We must learn to understand all the ways in which we are complicit in a toxic system. Worse than that all the ways in which we embody the system and there are many.

You will see many activists old and new dive headlong into rectifying activities and behaviours that aren’t necessarily grounded in a full understanding of how our behaviour impacts others. In fact you may even find that many activists are militant in their beliefs. What you will find over time and particularly if you keep ‘following’ me is that these are mere trauma responses. That they occur as a result of an over-activated primitive brain and the stimulation of the right hemispheres of the brain. That these neurological activations are navigable, changeable and as I have come to understand are the singular most powerful way to activate societal and planetary healing. That if we can step into the idea that we are in fact safe, that we are resource-abundant and able to allow people there choices at no cost to ourselves. If we are fully able to embrace these ideas much of what we might learn from the community might stimulate long-held deeper understandings of the idea of strength in diversity. How diversity of approach and attitude might indeed strengthen our resilience rather than undermine it. That indeed each approach and offering should be wholeheartedly embraced and considered as part of a healthy functional society.

It is now becoming very clear that many of our problems are a result of the education system, where we have become entrained into route learning as part of a linear system designed to produce factory workers. The world is not linear nor is the functional brain of any human, though it may be highly capable of finding linear pathways. Linear as a concept has become outdated as it is not a true reflection of the Earthly system. The is no endless line that does not curve round on its self and to build a world that acts counter to all earthly intuition is by it’s very nature counter-intuitive. That is where we need to start. At what point in your own life did you lose you intuition in the very real meaning on in-tuition. Your inwards teaching? If we find that point in your story it is the very start of the long tangled mess that has the ability to unravel the world as we understand it today. Dismantling the system is puling on that long messy string that shows us all the ways that we have betrayed ourselves and in doing so betrayed others.

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