Family Constellations

If you want to find out more about systemic constellations then you would do well to read up on them. You see everything including you is part of a bigger system. The immediate system that you were hopefully born into is a family. Like all systems, families work in unique and remarkable ways. Families like most things are all caught up in how we relate to each other. There are rumours that their is a family out there that have cracked this, only one. As soon as I get there number I’m going to ask them to adopt me.

You see being part of family isn’t easy. Even if you are white super privileged and have loads of money. I know. We all have work to do. What family constellatiosn do is make family dynamics visible and help us understand why we relate to certain individuals and groups in the way that we do and how we be accountable for the part we play. In a very real way family constellations can help us see the unseen. The way in which we relate to each other. How our family dynamics to play out our trauma over and over again. In truth there are a plethora of ways to play out and understand how family constellations work. Maybe it’s using just a few bits of paper. Sometimes people take on particular roles and other times people play the whole thing our for you while you just sit there and witness the whole thing.

There is no way round it. It’s pretty weird, uncomfortable and challenging, yet they hold crystal observations, deep healing as well as miraculous gifts. Family Constellations can open up everything for review from entirely new persepctives and break open relatiosnhips deadlocks that have been running for years, decades and potentially millenia. We all have ancestors. It isn’t straight forward how exactly constellations work. They are both non-scientific yet remarkably acurate. They ask you to step into the noetic science where inner knowing guides us to a deeper understanding of things by deeply embodying what we already know with in us. Using both intution and instinct and to guide us towards ourselves.

As we begin to unfold who and what we are in relations to the people who are closest to us. These are not conversation commonly held within family structures. As we unpack the sories we’ve been living we see that we have been taking on a role, playing out a character and even enabling other the behave in certain ways. Our families programme us with so much of what we believe from relgious and sexula hangups (cause lets face it they’re highly interconnected) to our understanding of money and the world at large. We learn how we view the wordl from our families. Is it a friendly place? Is it a scary place? Should you be envious of others of happy that they are well. There is so much that we carry in our energetic field that we aren’t even aware of. Often we have no idea why people are the way they are. taht the programming is so engrained we take cruel or heartless behaviour and even abuse to be normal. While everyone is just trying to get their needs met. All fighting of the cake in order to feel good.

Family Constellation expose and transfrom. Once we know something we can’t unknow it.

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