Glo Cal

This should officially be a thing by now after The Great Pause.

Think Global Act Local. Do you remember when this little nugget hit the scene? I knew it back then as well as anybody. Stop getting on flights. Stop trying to save people and start folding your underwear. Yup it was time back then to get deep down and dirty with the minutia. Even now after all these blog posts I still haven’t figured it out how to be me in a Glo Cal way. That’s what life on the road will bring you a huge of amount of clarity and single mindedness accompanied be a huge sense of confusion when it comes to Glo Cal. What if picking a place or a people is just not your thing? What do you do then?

Do we develop communities purely on the basis of consumption rather than contribution? I’m still figuring this out as I step into the acceptance that I am a law unto myself. How often in this life is there the perceived right thing to do and then there is what we actually do? How these things are so utterly different from one another? How the human souls plays it part? What specifically am I creating as my life seems to endless fall through space, time and people straight back to little old me? What is it about me that makes it so difficult to stay? What about me seems to feel like it’s in denial about reality? In the last few weeks I may have begun to accept that there is no Shangri La and I might have been spirtitualy bypassing myself for a very long time? That I always believe that it might be better somewhere else. That somewhere on Earth. Yes Earth not Water we might find a group of people collective living in harmony. As I dig into the bowels fo what it is to be human I see that there is no such thing. Maybe I’ve know that for a long time. Maybe I’ve understood it in moments too. Now I think I might have to finally accepted it. That there is no place better or worse, there is just here. You see I’m always wondering what staying might achieve and what leaving teaches? Why for me leaving is so important? Like it’s my last chance of soveriengty. I think I might have finally go tho a point where I am done arguing with people. Like done. If you are still consuming Proctor & Gamble products after all this time, good. Let me buy you all the Pringles and Sunny D you can eat and move on. If you get into a car and never stop to consider the impact that it is having on your immediate air quality who am I to tell you? If you don’t watch the news and put all your energy into making crochet bunny rabbit with no care for the global story why should I advise you other wise. You see  ‘intellectuals’ like our talking shops. We like to slowly ponder and evaluate every little detail of our mundane lives in never ending name of progress. It’s only now that we fully appreciate where progress has taken us. wWhen we are not satisfied with our lot. When the likes and dislikes aren’t counted and our ungratefulness takes us on a a downward spiral.

They say that change comes whether we like it or not. All I can say is that I am inclined to believe in that. I wonder sometimes how we can master fate. How ‘it wasn’t meant to be’ turns out to be a endless game of will and surrender. We all have free will apparently. Yet out tiny massive choices seem to suggest otherwise. That we are caught in the systemic. That the coltan in my computer is excusable at the behest of the system. I remember Dom working on extracting minerals electronics years ago. I wonder now how far he got? You see it’s not just about the break down of the system and even the planet. It really is a breakdown in society. Where the mission becomes greater than interpersonal relationships and fulfilment. About who’s needs do we serve first?

Earlier this year I wrote about being a changemaker. Where I was with that. How that personal archetype had emerged from trauma. Now I realise the need for change is as much to do with trauma as anything else. It’s a non-accpetance of what is. I wonder how that works sometimes.

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