Global Changemakers

 This is hilarious I was totally hoping to be creating my own reality when I started writing this blog post at the beginning of 2020. LOL only two things in the following paragraph is true. Which reminds me I need to write an article about Descendent Healing.

That makes me feel awesome. I’m still on holiday by the way. I’ve had a party in Cape Town and now I am in Lesotho getting some new downlaods, speaking and not saving Africa and very excited about The COP as well as UNESCO Cape Town City of Healing and the idea of Descendent Healing as well as getting my Masters. All very very exciting.

This is where my Global Changemaker post actually begins, now at the beginning of the end of 2020.

Fuck it’s ambitious and heady and incredibly niave. What a title Global Changemaker. I wonder if Bill Gates will ever feel the need to erase this particular blog post. I doubt he has time. This week I say a particularly beautiful piece of Street Art that read ‘Bill Gate’s loves you, take the vaccine.’ In a post-truth world is it really ok to question somebody else’s reality? At this point I think I have to say it’s a hefty no.

When it comes to the global I have no idea what I believe anymore. Are we being run by The Illuminati? The Cabal or even The Galactic Light Force. All things are possible. For the last ten years I have done my best not to get caught up in it. Except of course every so often I go on a political binge. Like my most recent on the US election; which was vastly toned down compared to previous years. That’s right Trump hasn’t conceded yet and we wonder why anybody cares? Any thing to get a little more air time before he vanishes into obscurity. When in fact he might be gathering the troops. I don’t think anybody should be underestimating him. Nor do I believe that opposing sides of the presidential vote should even begin to question anybodies reality. It feels fair to say it. Collective consensus has broken down. I totally get that. I wonder what it is that we can actually agree on in times of such seismic change.

So right now Global Changemaker seems like a very hefty weight to carry. Yet at the same time utterly necessary. What if we could all wave our magic wands and make everything better? As a friend from a meditation group pointed out ‘We can achieve more if we work together’. The biggest challenge right now is on what? The are so many issues. To many emergencies. So many crisis. We would be foolish to believe that any one of us has the right way or the primary right to decide. Yet we continually think we do. Me personally I’m working on trauma. Even though it has also been pointed out to me that I might be trauma bonded to trauma. What I can tell you is that I am not a nervous wreck. I’ve been feeling pretty calm and confident about it all, here at the center of the storm. After all I’d have to be considering I found myself in the middle of Heathrow entirely through choice at the center of a Global Pandemic. In what many have surrounding have described as an act of full surrender. Remember genius and madness run very close together and can actually be interwoven parallels. 2020 has been one of the busiest and yet stationary years of my life. Where Dharma seems to be finally catching up with me and I am so grateful. Grateful fro partial routines. Grateful for coffee. Grateful to wash the dishes and find balance in the mundane. Balance in the building blocks.

You see I am a changer maker.  I just don’t want to be a Global Changemaker, this sprouts from my idea of getting embedded (another article I need to write).  I want to work with them. So that we can make a more pluralistic view of the world. Even though every so often I think I know the only way. Sometimes it blows my mind when I think about what has been bugging me. What I really want is to support people to make the most powerful decisions they can for their own life. Of course I’m not perfect. It’s not what I am interested in, these days I’m not even sure that I am interested in something as simple as progress. Now that is a very strange idea.

2020 has been a real game-changer for many of us and I love to see my friends, colleagues and clients doing well. This below video is my good friend Kim Lovemore Wild talking about the Love More Movement and the challenges that 2020 has brought and the way she has navigated it.

Awakening to the Universal, our Uniqueness & Service – Kim Wild – TruthLover #35

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