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It’s 2021. Who new that would feel like such an achievement. We’ve survived the first stage of the Zombie Apocolypse. Now it’s time to get real about the future of the the human species. Where our survival might fit in both individually and collectively. For me that’s everything to do with trauma work. What we need to learn about ourselves and what we need to heal in order to move forward with a little bit of grace. Up until now I would have used the term Trauma-Informed to describe the Trauma Wise process and realise that we need new language if we are going to really understand trauma at all. We all have the innate abiltiy to heal from trauma, we aren’t told that though are we? That is fact trauma responses are the most natural thing in the world and getting to grips with them is purely a matter of creating mutal respect and learning about consent. What do we consent to? Why do we consent? What is tacit consent? And how does tacit consent make us complicit in toxic systems, even if they are just family ones? What are we creating in our lives that generates trauma? How do we heal from trauma if given the space and time to. Primarily trauma healing is all about our relationship with our body. How our brain is functioning. If we are running on our adrenal system and what is stored in our muscle memory. Trauma healing is actually about listening to our bodies and allowing it to tell the story of what happened to us.

What if we were safe? What if we were heard and what if the environments we live in were designed for a peaceful human existance in harmony with nature? What if our bodies were a reflection of our environments? What if our bodies were implicit and complicit in creating the toxic environments that surround us? You see becoming Trauma Wise is accepting your place in the macro and that you are indeed a micro unit resposible for creating the macro environment. That trauma is both interior and exterior to family systems. That family systems are not soley responsible for the truama that you carry. That trauma is systemic.

Over the next year I am going to be using these blog posts to outline the most basic understanding of trauma, to create a personal intervention and promote personal activism. Trauma can be treated both proactively and retroactively simoultaniously. As humans we have the ability to move back and forwards through time transforming trauma. That should we wish to do so we can transform ourselves personally, generationally, ancestrally, systemically and even planetarily if given the tools to do so. If you would like to learn more about trauma, how to heal it and how to support others through trauma you can follow this blog for more infomation. If you want to take a more proactive approach you can sign up to any or all of three circles that I run below as part of a wellbeing economy approach. (In other words don’t let money get in the way of attending.

Radical Acceptance Circle

Trauma Wise Circle

Feral Systemic Healing Circle

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