Collective Shadow

I’m writing this right befor the the June 10th Eclipse in Gemini and doing some deep soul digging into my own toxic patterns, soul beliefs, and disruptive behaviours. I’ve been wearing my pyjamas for thress day and trying to figure out the best time to strip my bed and do the laundry. It’s not glamourous the Collective Shadow. I’ve spent last night in long conversation about the strange deep nuanced patternings of realtionships. Maybe your thinking here we go. We are drifiting into the uncontainable field of personal relationships. Which might feel too mediocre for words. However if you’ve gotten tot grips with the universe and it’s foible you may probably laready know that realationship of every kind is at the very heart of it’s expansive nature, and for us its human participants our teaching and learning.

Our Collective Shadow sits in our realtionship with ourselves and with our relationship with others. Here’s the next thing if it’s not a problem it isn’t. It’s your judgement of the issure that makes it a problem. I know it’s intense. I sit here with this wondering where my three day pyjama stint is leading me and if I really am as happy with my personal state of affairs as I might present… maybe it’s time to sort that out. I’ve brushed my hair.

The thing is when I write about trauma I’m not in the habit of hiding my shadow self. For sure there are things that I don’t necessarily want to make public becasue we all have the right to process things privately. Yet at the same time what do we do when the collective shadow is that exactly the things that we don’t want to process publicly? It may be one thing to apply this wisdom to personal relationships or indeed your private life. However what we have been dealing with over the last few millenia of this is that families, institutes and governments do the same thing too, even when the decsions the make and behaviour they support perpetuate immense human suffering. Its considered best to keep things private sweep things under the carpet and move on. Of course within this strategy is the hope that by giving an individual or and orgnisation some space that it might offer them some redemption. A place in which to redeem themselves. What is it exactly that we are redeeming ourselves from…now that is a big question?

Even over the last few days I have been exploring my own value system and cleaning up my priorties. In essence to understand where my priorties lie in terms of approach and within that learning how I am truly embodying those values? It seems as you might expect form the collective shadow I still have a lot of work to do. You see the real sticky point of the collective shadow and indeed personal relatiosnhip in the concept of both consent and sovereignty of which the shadow is control. It’s no lie when we say that it’s a big thing to unpack.

You see much of what we do and how we interact is based on this idea that we need to have control. In order to have control we need to have rules. The thing is that as adults and very often also as children we come to a very clear understanding that most of life doesn’t operate within the rules. What’s most interesting is that in fact much of the things that are supposed to be rules are what cause us such collective pain. For example there is no law that says your parents have to love you. Fucked up but true. It’s a best case scenario. When we begin to understand these things on a meta level we begin to appreciate that at best pop culture gives us guidelines for a good quailty of life. The irony is of course that unless we test the guidelines we don’t learn our own sense of self and boundaries. Even worse it that if we never break the rules we don’t learn their value. So even though as a society we might foster rules in order to gain some control over society behaviour, they don’t hold any value unless people are allowed to learn from them themseves.

Evil cersi Ivor in Jordan Petersen – unconsciousness.

This article was written by a dyslexic with a punk attitude to accompany Feral Systemic Healing Circle.

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