It’s a small blue dot called Earth, third planet from the sun, the solar system, the milky way galaxy, somewhere in the ever-expanding universe.

The earth’s atmosphere is made up mainly of nitrogen. Let’s consider that fact, presuming you are human?

We breathe oxygen. An invisible gaseous substance that is not guaranteed in our complex and spinning world. Of all things most vital to human survival it’s oxygen. 3 minutes without it and you are dead unless of course, you are superhuman? Your breath is not assured while clinging to the Earth’s surface on our highest peaks, under our oceans and sadly our polluted cities. If you are able to breathe clean fresh air, if you are not suffocating or drowning, you have the ability to live and thrive.

The Earth’s surface is two-thirds water. We are the blue planet. You are more connected to the earth than you think for being 80% water. If you are feeling a bit crappy, maybe the best thing you can do is reconnect with your home planet by absorbing some water. Swim in it, bath in it, drink it, be it.

The Earth’s atmosphere and surface consist mainly of nitrogen and water. It would seem today that outdated human experiences dictate the perspectives we hold, often wrongly. It doesn’t make sense? So little of life does. You don’t need to be here right now. You can escape through your dreams if you need to. Your dreams are more important to your continual existence than food. To fall asleep, we must be safe from the elements and any predators. Too much sun and we will dehydrate. Too much cold and we will freeze, turning the liquid in our bodies against us. Too much water and we will drown.

When we are exposed we are vulnerable not only to the elements but also attacks, not just from animal predators but humans too. In these times we need shelter, which can come in many forms, a tree, a cave, it can be built with materials, it can be provided by other living things, sometimes another human can simply shield us with their body, protect us, make us safe. That leads to the question; are you safe? Are all the conditions in place so that you can feel safe in your own skin? At home in your own body?

If you’ve diligently read this list you’ve been blessed with an education. However, if you find that oxygen, water, sleep and shelter are missing from your life then congratulations you are invited to have a free session with me, either in person or online. I have thought that through, in this era it is possible to have access to the internet without having our basic human needs met. I’m offering human connection for the digital age.

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