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European Diaspora

So write now I am the European Diaspora. I’m writing this in South Africa the place I have lived for several years now and all the white privilege that that comes from. It’s a complicated story based on being a love migrant. that we don’t choose who we fall in love with and at some point within the foreign loveliest you have decide on a place to stay even if it is just for the short term. It’s an age old story that spans the whole of human history everyone needs to leave the village at some point. If only to attend a wedding else where. I think you get my drift.

Anyways beyond that life choice the idea of Diaspora has always fascinated me. Where do you belong? Who do you belong to? Where do you belong to? Does that place belong to you? Having just started an MRes in Human Geography I can assure you the answer to these question are getting more complicated rather than less. Yet at the same time experience has taught me that trauma holds the answer too much for these questions.

What fascinates me most currently is the European Diaspora probably with a more focused interest in the Scottish. However the European and the Scottish Diaspora seem to be bound together in a strange patterning that inform the world right now. That trauma displaces people, land trauma, relational trauma it doesn’t matter specifically which trauma. Trauma is trauma.

What I see now and in ways that astound me, to this moment, is the ways in which systemic trauma continue to inform the European diaspora. That ideas of whiteness can even exist in a reconcilliary culture. I fully accept the existence of whiteness. It’s more the origin of whitenesses being that I am concerned about. Where exaclty does it come from? For me whiteness seems to be caught up in the enclosures act and the highland clearences. How these parables inform and create the tragectory for a white colonialist agenda and why land appropriation became much a significant part of global domination by the British Empire. That imperialism has always been caught up with corporations and capitalism. Even now as we begin to appreciate the ideas neo-colonialism and the continued harm of extractive economies do we fully appreciate the impacts of the The European Diaspora on both indigent cultures, ecologies and the planet.

Even now the new European diaspora has a lot to answer for especially in relation to the Global South. Where western ideologies of progress and science do much to inflict harm on communites globally. Dictating that well-being and wealth are irristricably linked with our understanding the full scope of wellbeing beyond the monetary. Consumption based living does not equal wellness as we must also be very careful to appreciate that in the west our world view is limited and that travel in and of itself is consumptive. We often pose solutions to problems that only exist in our mind. Coming from a place where traditional family systems have been largely broken down and replace with the due care of the welfare state.

Anyways my big question is when did whiteness become trauma transference and why are we still doing it?

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What is a Diaspora?

Hmmm it’s a big word with an ever more complicated meaning. It’s a generalise word for an immigrant or even refugee population. Here’s the crux though it doesn’t apply to a specific population, demographic and can even apply to events. The Diaspora of WW2 Jews might be an example. You see it also applies to those in exile. It’s something that can often be very difficult for us to imagine. A life in exile. Many of us do it. In fact “Right to Movement” Is even a human right. Yet you wouldn’t think it with all the borders all over the place, that are a highly anti-human construct. You wouldn’t think that if you were Palestinian or even Syrian. Border control seems to high up there with Land Trauma as a place where authority over an imagined line has the power make, brake and even kill people. Borders are where power is highly corruptable more than this where corrupted power has its way with the vulnerable, the destitute and the throughly weary.

Anyways I’ve been interested in diasporas for a while. I might have been interested in Land Trauma a little longer, though I hadn’t fully made the connection as to how they were so fully connected. Land desecration and the bad development have haunted me for years and yet I still wonder am I guided by the spirit or the wound with this one. Where consumption is real just a route back to the feeling of oneness you get while watching butterflies. Why are diasporas important to me? Because they are so intangible and leave so many of us lost. They are the reason for that I frequently come back to this thing I keep banging on about Systemic Trauma and at a more base level trauma. Which is both systemic and relational. The systemic feeds the realtional, just as the personal is the planetary.

People move all the time if we take it at its base level it might just be to the next street because you have a family of your own. Maybe it’s to pursue your passion or even find work and less romantically a means to survive. The whole of human history is coded with the idea of the diaspora that humans have forever been on the move. That we can rarely go back to where we have come from like the hands that move time. Yet it seems to be a long standing fallacy that we might. Was Jesus born under a wandering star on the way back to his ‘father’s’ homeland. Yet here we all are trying to find home with the sense of belonging that it might afford us. It feel to me that the only thing that we can ever truly belong to is ourselves and that seems far too radical an idea for most of us to grab hold of wholeheartedly.

You see I’ve said this before that the western way fo seeing things is so linear that we think we can box people, the human story. That somehow we can all be contained within a neat filing system. Why won’t all those humans just stay in their boxes and be neatly ticked off as something we can easily categorise. Easy to understand and easy to maintain. You won’t find any of those things in the word diaspora.

How could there be. There’s got to be an emotional element to a human life somewhere? Yet it is so concisely over looked by these imaginary lines we draw across land and culture. None of come from one place we are all moving somewhere, even if it is only through time and there in lies and ever deepening element to this story.

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Family Constellations

If you want to find out more about systemic constellations then you would do well to read up on them. You see everything including you is part of a bigger system. The immediate system that you were hopefully born into is a family. Like all systems, families work in unique and remarkable ways. Families like most things are all caught up in how we relate to each other. There are rumours that their is a family out there that have cracked this, only one. As soon as I get there number I’m going to ask them to adopt me.

You see being part of family isn’t easy. Even if you are white super privileged and have loads of money. I know. We all have work to do. What family constellatiosn do is make family dynamics visible and help us understand why we relate to certain individuals and groups in the way that we do and how we be accountable for the part we play. In a very real way family constellations can help us see the unseen. The way in which we relate to each other. How our family dynamics to play out our trauma over and over again. In truth there are a plethora of ways to play out and understand how family constellations work. Maybe it’s using just a few bits of paper. Sometimes people take on particular roles and other times people play the whole thing our for you while you just sit there and witness the whole thing.

There is no way round it. It’s pretty weird, uncomfortable and challenging, yet they hold crystal observations, deep healing as well as miraculous gifts. Family Constellations can open up everything for review from entirely new persepctives and break open relatiosnhips deadlocks that have been running for years, decades and potentially millenia. We all have ancestors. It isn’t straight forward how exactly constellations work. They are both non-scientific yet remarkably acurate. They ask you to step into the noetic science where inner knowing guides us to a deeper understanding of things by deeply embodying what we already know with in us. Using both intution and instinct and to guide us towards ourselves.

As we begin to unfold who and what we are in relations to the people who are closest to us. These are not conversation commonly held within family structures. As we unpack the sories we’ve been living we see that we have been taking on a role, playing out a character and even enabling other the behave in certain ways. Our families programme us with so much of what we believe from relgious and sexula hangups (cause lets face it they’re highly interconnected) to our understanding of money and the world at large. We learn how we view the wordl from our families. Is it a friendly place? Is it a scary place? Should you be envious of others of happy that they are well. There is so much that we carry in our energetic field that we aren’t even aware of. Often we have no idea why people are the way they are. taht the programming is so engrained we take cruel or heartless behaviour and even abuse to be normal. While everyone is just trying to get their needs met. All fighting of the cake in order to feel good.

Family Constellation expose and transfrom. Once we know something we can’t unknow it.

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Family Dynamics

Remember when family dynamics was a polite way to say “My family are totally mental?” We threw ‘family dynamics’ around like it’s not a big puss blister waiting to explode. “Yeah there are a lot of family dynamics” I think what it really means is that there is a lot of unresolved relational trauma in our family. Now that right there equals a radically deep level of self awareness.

Take it a bit further and you might begin to relise that it’s intergenerational. That the realtionship wounds that you are perpetuating go back about 15 generations or actually only 2. After all most of us have a grand parent or even parent that lived in the Second Word War. Major global upheaval that few of us have expereince until of course now.

The question that has been plaguing me lately is that in a post ruth world do we have the right to question someones reality? I’ve been thingking about it alot. For a a whole plethora of reasons but largely in realtion to trauma healing. It’s also something that I have been working with as I deepen my understanding of Complex Post traumatic Stress Disorder. How it can warp our reality. How it can make things seem real that aren’t. How the past present and future can all get mixed up with one another. it’s so much of what happens in the ancestral field too. We see people playing out the roles of their fatehr and their great-grandfathers. The patterns endlessly repeating with no way to stop it.

Yet in our bones we seem to know this. How do we make sure our lives don’t turn out the way our parents did. Our we meet the same fate as our Granparents. It seems that since the 1950’s we have been changing the very nature of family. After all isn’t the perfect on nuclear? What does that even mean? That tradition has been corroded to myth and propriety has been replaced with irreverance. That up until now all the old ways have been taken as heracy. Yet still we live in families, even if they are ‘broken’ ones. It’s strange to think that love can be broken and yet it is.

We cry for the things that haven’t happened in our family lives and that is as much of understanding trauma as everything. Somtimes it’s not about the the things that did happen it’s about that didn’t. You see from somewhere within the collective consciousness we are told that should have a happy family. That the situations that we are born into shoule automatically meet our needs. They so often don’t. That we pick the right partners who will makes us happy and love us forever, which is now rare. We want to believe that families offer the perfect opportunities to potentiate our lives, sometimes they hold us back or force us forwars on tragectories that we could would never have chose yet there they are.

Our lives patterned nad projected outward for us before we have even made out of the whom. We are born with the burden of our own birth. Depending on what you believe we chose to be here. We even chose our families. It’s a bitter pill to swallow at times.

I’ve also found myself very much back at the coal face of mirroring. Which for me specifically is all caught up in victim consciounessnes. I do not know why that is. Then again this is a great realisation to explore. Apparently all our relationships are mirrors. They reflect at us the the things we do not want to see in ourselves. I’ve been working with it for a long time. The point is to see what is agitating you and figure out where it comes from (Only viable if you are not completely triggered to fuck by the way). so yes you got to step into the white light that burns aways at us an all our misguided opinions of ourself and how we think that should be.

We can’t change our families. We can only choose to change ourselves.

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Systemic Abuse

God this feel like rabbit warren of toxicity that I’m not even sure that I am capable of writing about much less willing too. Yet here I a am self-employed and ready to jump into the most highly triggering topic of conversation know to man or other. Yes, the system is corrupt. Yes the system is rigged. Yes the system is toxic. You probably have to go get a vomit bucket, a dartboard and well something else that might help you manage your rage-induced madness that explodes when we discover the complex and numerous way in the system is toxic.

When we get deep down and dirty with all the way that the human race are literally fucking our selves over in order to get a temporary power buzz. Yeah, go you. Many a wounded patriarch has sat gently at the bar sanguinely calling in the return of benevolent kings. I’m really not that sure that one ever existed. You know the rule of law is a tough thing. Any South Africa will tell what it is like to have a country soley held together by the power of it’s judiciary.

All governments are corrupt and all leaders are doing their best to manage the ways in which governments are corrupted. You see I’m not interested in the big structures I’m interested in the tiny wee ones. I’m interested in the women’s circle,  what people take for leadership and where people might learn a lot more about themselves if they just bothered to listen. I’m not here to heal you unless you want to be healed. It’s a school of hard knocks honestly. I’m not here to be overly nice and even psycho-fanatic (sycophant) and it’s quite a thing to have finally found your voice. To be saying what you feel and ready for the gaslighting. It’s ok to be wrong. I’ve been wrong all my life. It’s ok to be called out I’ve been called out all my life. When all of a sudden resilience finds us and we know that even though power has been corrupted misused and even misguided; as one individual person we still have the power to reside in our own souls and find out own ‘rightness’.

The abuse of power is so easy. It’s as simple as throwing someones food away without consent. (I did that). I’ve literally got to the point of being bored of being good. That doesn’t mean that I’m necessarily bad it just that kindness and consideration is optional once a crossed a certain a certain threshold. You get what you give.

I’m not sure if this is exactly the hinge point at which society may begin to breakdown. Where entitlement ends and radical self-reliance comes into being. I hate to be cynical about society and the truth is that for the most part of my life I have always been an optimist; if a highly critical one. The truth is though I have been viewing the world through my own perspective. My own niceness, my own good heart. The idea of fairness. You see hurt people hurt people. I’ve been making allowances for that my whole life. Finding ways to extend the embracing heart of compassion, so that abusers might learn to heal as I have. The things is that few people choose to heal and I see now that what is really going on.  I overextend my sense care in the hope that it might invoke healing. It’s a form of abuse all of it’s own. A sublet one I grant you and yet there it is. All the justifications and responsibility for the state that feels the need to roll into fix things. All those broken unproductive people. Who are in fact exactly where they need to be. Finding the space to be themselves.  Finding a way out of systemic abuse. I look to the out cat for inspiration.

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All Abuse Is Abuse of Power

As I wrote this now I found the tingles deep within me. A truth that can’t be unlearned and the regrettable moment at which you had to learn it. It’s a boundaries thing. It’s a consent thing. It’s an addiction thing. It’s a trauma thing. For some reason, it’s not fully known that those that abuse have been abused. That every abuse is an attempt to feel powerful. It’s an attempt to regain control. It’s a beautiful thing to understand and witness as we watch the bullies of the world wreak havoc on the lives of millions. Needless to say, abusers have mental and emotional health issues. If we wanted to take a kinder approach we might find say that they have unmet emotional need. After all, that is where I believe all mental health arises from, our unmet needs.

If you ever wanted to under the darker sides of human consciousness you must fully understand that all of us have an abuser in us.

In the true reality of the world as it is I have had countless thousands of conversations about abuse and consent and how it is constructed in the world. Only in recent years has the power of consent been fully understood as a powerful tool of empowerment for those of us in relationship. (isn’t that everyone). Consent is simply a conversation where everyone is very clear on what that they agreed too.  And indeed what they are responsible for. I think the only thing that we are every truly responsible for issuing a clear yes or a clear no. Unfortunately, the way in which I clearly understand abuse is a very clear violation of a clearly articulated boundary with complete disregard for the consequences.

This can be incredibly challenging to articulate clearly and well when we seek to create a peaceful outcome. Where we are accommodating of someone’s needs and that accommodation is taken to be tacit consent. Let me explain for example my experiences in shared living accommodation over COVID19. When I allowed an emotionally vulnerable adult at risk of mental break down come visit me in my shared home as a way of a community invention while maintaining social distances. In a very short space of time it became clear that this person was no doing the same in other households. This was done without asking for consent. I expressed my concern and yet the behaviour continued. Now a sensible person would have stopped it right then and there. However my housemate had got used to the visits and seemed to have also become quite reliant on this social interaction. Despite having a heart murmur and technically being at risk I fully understood how the impacts of the lockdown might have on households and particularly single people alone in their houses. I had already predicted that suicides rate would increase immensely as a result of the social isolation many people would be newly experiencing. In the vacuum of having very few other people to talk to my shared housemate and my friend quickly for a romantic relationship.

Before I copuld even blink I no longer had any say who comes in and out of our shared home. I repeatedly and persistently refused the right to consent by simply not being asked. Even though I continually state my need to be asked. This need is ignored. It becomes very clear that neither of the two parties has any understanding of active consent and literally continue to do what they please.

Though I continue to ask for consent or indeed simply information regarding the use of the house I am continually ignored, until such point as the noise on one particular day becomes too much tolerate while working from home.

Literally the deathly blow was when they decided to go on holiday, despite 14 day quarantine rules, even though it was explained to them that I am at risk due to having a heart murmur. Apparently it’s their house and they have the right to expose me to deadly virus without my consent. Needless to say, I moved out before they got back.

The point at which you have to argue for your right to be heard and in the most extreme cases life you are speaking to an abuser. If anybody tells you otherwise they are gaslighting you so that they feel safe. The world is a treacherous place full of betrayal.

Yet we must remember the way someone treats you in the way that they have been treated. Hurt people hurt people. Also top tip you allowed to change your mind at any time about giving consent to let people have sex with you and/or harm you.

When we talk about abuse on a systemic level it always comes back to the personal. Someone is always personally deciding to ‘abuse’ you and breach your boundaries. Abuse is a personal decision not taking in the full impact of a detrimental decision for the other person involved.

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Systemic Healing

It’s such a big quest and question…are you ready to take on the system. I’m fucking not. I put in toes and I somehow seem to lose a limb and snap some very weak heart strings. I’m not sure my nerves can take it anymore, in fact, I know that can’t, it isn’t for a lack of courage. It seems these days due to growing wisdom several weeks ago I wrote about the ideas of sacred schism and even splits. In fact, I’ve been seeding this consciousness into a new understanding of progress that dances between values and purpose and how they can be navigated in more personal ways. Of course, lets be clear I can get as trigger happy as the next person. I am happy to take an ejector seat out of any situation that no longer serves me. You see what does splitting and schisming really create if not allowed for? I often wonder what the world were to look like if we simply viewed it as a massive playground. I don’t like it over here. I think I’ll go over there. Sometimes you end up doing this you really hate with people your really love and sometimes you end up doing things you really love with people you really hate. You see for me so far, life has been a navigation of these two polarities. I’m sure navigating these polarities may even be partway of the source to systemic healing. What if you could find the middle road? Indeed at 39, I believe that it might actually be possible. You see we aren’t supposed to be alone, we are supposed to be in community to operate from within the centre of supportive systems that are both regenerative and sustainable. This may be where the word holistic has been sprouting with and growing everywhere like a Waldorf School garden.

In fact, in recent months and especially since COVId 19 my co-collaborators are taking a very interesting turn. These days I have found myself working with Multi-Dimensional Therapists, Alchemists and even Sangoma’s as my human life becomes ever more expanded in consciousness. It feels to me that I have finally left The Matrix as I officially got accepted into Hogwarts in September (I’m not kidding).

For me, it seems that ultimately Systemic Healing can only occur by leaving the sytem or in fact any system that puts the objective of the organisation over and above that of it’s members. That we have to go solo hang tough and wait for our tribe to find us right on the edge of what might be possible. No one can do exactly what you are doing or be exactly as you are and we all have a unique calling and divine path to walk on our ways back to ourselves. Speaking our truth and living it as best you can is only the way to move forward with integrity in order to live as an authentic self. It’s ok that is exactly where all the ‘others’ find you. I can’t imagine it is easy being a Multi-Dimensional Therapist, Alchemist or even the more traditional Sangoma. This morning alone I wondered if Cast Out might be yet another book title for me to explore if I ever find a place to settle long enough to write it.

What I can tell you for sure is that no one living within the system told the ‘others’ how to become. The had to lose themselves to find themselves. As the seed cracks open in search of the sun.

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You Are The System

Sorry to break it to you, if The Self & The System haven’t already?  The problem is not out there it’s in here. The turquoise plastic pen that I have stuck in my mouth is definitely reminding me so. As is my MacBook and my Walt Disney Little Mermaid notebook, my plastic covered diary and both my iPhones. Do you think I’m consumptive? Do you think one body shop purchase might save me from hell? Probably not. Who am I to judge the objects that I have failed to evade purchasing. God yes I am the system. I am a disrupter hopelessly complicit in the system, in a post-truth world with no singular narrative. I’ve had the same computer now for nearly 4 years and it’s is hard even now to energetically extract my karmic input into the slave labour of the human supply chain caught up in an autocratic communist system. Thus is the power of post-truth. Everyone is lying even me. Even my little gaslit self.

If stop my endless criticism of self for a moment. I have to be grateful for my minute roll and calling in this entire system. You see it isn’t my calling to be an ethical shopper of the year, nor is it my calling to reconfigure and design such as thing as a sustainable computer. I’m here seeding consciousness so that somebody else might catch up with me. What would be even better is if my writing this I contribute to the manifest destiny of an ethical MacBook. Because aesthetically I love mac along with its lack of malware.  I’m an Art & Design Historian somewhere back there in the realms of linear time.

You see we are coded, coded with objects, with ideas, with programming and even unwanted processing abilities, that are designed to keep us safe. Designed to keep us compliant, designed to keep us complicit. This was never so clearly pointed out to me as when someone didn’t understand the concept of decolonisation. I was in South Africa at the time. That the whole idea of decolonisation was both absurd and bizarre as it would leave us all living in mud huts. That there was nothing world going back to. I remember my incredulousness at this idea, that everything that was ‘behind’ us must be worthless, otherwise, we would have taken it with us. Even now I’m not sure how I feel about that? The real problem for me was, is that the person who was speaking on this had only ever experienced a colonial existence and therefore had no understanding of any other way of being in the world. That only the progress of modernity mattered on the failing path of a utopian future.

This is how we embody the system we take our view as the worlds and dismiss the things that question it. You must listen very hard now and watch out for cultural appropriation in the quest to find yourself. You see all the tools we need to disembody the system are right around us. You might want to argue about it very intently, yet I promise you they are. They are in your stories, your ancestors, your land and some might say even your language or lack thereof it. You see if you look for all the the things that you aspire to and indeed what it is that you feel you are missing that is what the system has taken. You have every right to take it back. This is where sovereignty lies understanding and perpetuating the legacy of your very own personal worth and of course, that is personal activism.

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Systemic Change

Even last night as I lay in bed I was wondering why I had chosen to be Systemic Trauma Specialist, rather than a Systemic Change Specialist or indeed a Systemic Healing Specialist?

It’s a very long story that I will do my very best to summarise here. You see the systemic has only just teetered into my consciousness as something that fully exists much less that it can be effectively tackled. As if tackling is going to work. I can’t catch it wrestle it to the ground and make it submit. In fact, as my last post suggests that approach is probably quite counter-intuitive, no matter how powerful it might make me feel. You see I can imagine that there are a lot of beautiful corporate face out there in their mass-produced Chinese shirts grinning from ear to ear, with the prospect of selling us a brighter future, with clean energy and human-centred design. Problem is at what point did these Systemic Change Specialists learn to be human? Have they even had time in their life to deepen the context of their understanding of change.

You see for me change is a trauma response, maybe very specifically for me, yet it is. I grew up in a home where nothing ever changes, the toxic space tolerance was emotionally corrosive and then explosive as we all trauma bonded together under the coercive control of inherited unresolved abuse and war trauma. It’s a beautiful image, isn’t it? For many of us, this is true and as we were bounced into adulthood with nothing more than the life jacket of freedom we felt forcibly propelled into survival mode. Few of us have sat down to reflect since unless of course you got your burn out badge. It’s been a very firmly held belief for a very long time; if I just was able to change things then everything will be ok. Change jobs, move house, move country, get a new car and I’ll feel better. Of course this approach became both consumptive and addictive one more pair of shoes to stem off your dissatisfaction with life. Then of course it turned to people what if I just help people realise their full potential and see the ways in which they might be able to contribute to society. Which at best was presumptive of me and at worst was mildly fascist. Why can’t we all just change the world and get along while screaming at one another? (Yes I was militant and quite scary with it too) You see the real breakthrough didn’t really come until I figured out that I needed to change myself. In fact, I needed to break to change as I had been so deeply coded with the unchecked toxicity of unconditional love that my own worthiness lurked like a fat island in an underground sewer. The truth is I still haven’t mastered radical self-care or even navigated it with the nuance of radical self-reliance (another trauma response). So you see if someone is running around telling you all the things that you need to change, thinking that there is a singular cure-all approach they probably haven’t talked to that many people, nor have the recognised that Systemic Change results from being entirely human. The bigger question here for me though, within that I’m not sure where shirts fit into that or why indeed they might be appropriate to the evolution of human society? Aesthetics communicate a number of things if you get good at reading the signs. Systemic Change has to emerge from disrupting the system that has been inherited.

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Inherited Systems & How To Dismantle Them

This seems like I’m going to head right back to a blog post from a few months ago called The Self & The System, that highlights exactly how complicated dismantling the system actually is. What the article points out is that it’s complicated because as humans we ourselves inherit both genetics,  DNA and even mutations as a result of both our family and environmental systems. So the fact that you have a symmetrical and thus attractive face is a result of an inherited system that allows you to function better in society. To be beautiful is to be pleasing and that is very much trained into our collective consciousness and not easy to undo in a 15-minute power talk.

What you may be beginning to gather about much of both my writing and indeed my thought is that dismantling the system is very much caught up in deconstructing ourselves. Our beliefs, our values systems, our understanding of aesthetics and what we believe is socially and even politically acceptable. We must learn to understand all the ways in which we are complicit in a toxic system. Worse than that all the ways in which we embody the system and there are many.

You will see many activists old and new dive headlong into rectifying activities and behaviours that aren’t necessarily grounded in a full understanding of how our behaviour impacts others. In fact you may even find that many activists are militant in their beliefs. What you will find over time and particularly if you keep ‘following’ me is that these are mere trauma responses. That they occur as a result of an over-activated primitive brain and the stimulation of the right hemispheres of the brain. That these neurological activations are navigable, changeable and as I have come to understand are the singular most powerful way to activate societal and planetary healing. That if we can step into the idea that we are in fact safe, that we are resource-abundant and able to allow people there choices at no cost to ourselves. If we are fully able to embrace these ideas much of what we might learn from the community might stimulate long-held deeper understandings of the idea of strength in diversity. How diversity of approach and attitude might indeed strengthen our resilience rather than undermine it. That indeed each approach and offering should be wholeheartedly embraced and considered as part of a healthy functional society.

It is now becoming very clear that many of our problems are a result of the education system, where we have become entrained into route learning as part of a linear system designed to produce factory workers. The world is not linear nor is the functional brain of any human, though it may be highly capable of finding linear pathways. Linear as a concept has become outdated as it is not a true reflection of the Earthly system. The is no endless line that does not curve round on its self and to build a world that acts counter to all earthly intuition is by it’s very nature counter-intuitive. That is where we need to start. At what point in your own life did you lose you intuition in the very real meaning on in-tuition. Your inwards teaching? If we find that point in your story it is the very start of the long tangled mess that has the ability to unravel the world as we understand it today. Dismantling the system is puling on that long messy string that shows us all the ways that we have betrayed ourselves and in doing so betrayed others.

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