Welcome to the home of The Life Doula, my website. It has only just occurred to me that websites are like your home on the internet. If you’ve ended up here you must really like me to have clicked this far through. So I’d like to say hi and offer you a virtual cup of tea, just as if you have found your way to my home or enough of a sense of belonging to stay here for a while. It’s a real honour that you should come here to hang out for a bit. I hope you find something beneficial or some clue as to what you are looking for. If you click on the process button you’ll find my blog and maybe a few more things to relate to.

I remember being 19 lying in bed and coming up with the idea “I just want to feel safe in my own skin”. Now nearly twenty years on I realise that was a revolutionary thought. This thought may well been the seedling story of The Life Doula and my first inkling of how all-encompassing trauma can be.

Nearly twenty years later I remember that very distinct moment where I was sat down in my own home, where there was somebody else, and noticed what it felt like to be relaxed for the very first time.

My story is not your story. Ideas and insights into the field of trauma have grown and changed since 1999. My path to self-discovery has had many direct and indirect twists and turns since then. It’s not going to take you twenty years. What I can say is that I have two homes my body and this beautiful planet Earth and I am here to help one in order to preserve the other. If that is the story that you are interested in I can definitely help you.

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