Disengagement & Non-Compliance


You must be the change you want to see in the world – Gandhi

Well I finally got here. I’m writing a ‘how-to’ article. Does this mean I’m officially a lifestyle blogger?

We know that the systems within which we live are corrupt. That the stories on the news are alarmist and polarising. That the corporations that we might work for are there for profit not human happiness. That our healthcare system is designed to make us sick. We might not have all the answers yet. What we do knows is that we have to stop being complicit in a system that fails us.

1. Turn off the T.V or if you prefer digital detox

Media takes up so much of our time and fill our heads with somebody else’s predetermined story or agenda. Even this blog post is written with the explicit idea that you might want to wake up and think differently. That’s what I want for you. It may not be what’s best for? After all, you are the only person who can decide that.

We are conveniently told stories that serve the people in power and media moguls in turn often decide who gets that power, you just have to look at Nigel Farage and the Kardashians in order to figure that out. the source of our stories and the stories that we believe are often what fuels our realities. Change the stories and you can change your life. National and global news drives the perspectives of many of us. However, if you just step outside your front door and take a look around you might find a very different story to the one you are being told. It’s time to discover your story. What makes you unique and special in the world and why that is important to you.

2. Do your own research and think for yourself.

So if you are going to change your story maybe you have to start to engage in the world around. I often find home environments are a good place to start. How do you feel in your own home? Do you feel safe? How do you feel now that information has stopped pouring into your head? Has anything change for you? Is everything there as you might want it to be?  Are there any improvements that you might want or be able to make?

Not only this are there stories that are running in your head that you have to proof for? How does the world feel to you? How are you thinking about the world?

3. Stop buying stuff you don’t need.

The current economic system is designed for exponential growth on a planet with limited resources. Not only this it’s designed to keep you trapped in a perpetual state of lack and thus anxiety to keep you buying more. It’s a trap. Take a look around your house. What do you really need? Is managing your stuff taking up a lot more time than necessary? All of the world’s problems are very easily fixable if we focus on sharing resources.

4. Re-think your career choices.

Are working towards solving the world challenges? Does your day to day work support to the kind of world that you would like to live in?  Does your work environment make you feel good? Are you happy with the hours that you work?

5. Do you have friends?

Yup it turn out that secure attachment s are the single biggest influence on whether you are successful or not. Have you got a friend? A real friend. One who is able to properly emotionally support you? It could be all the difference you need.

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