Nail Health

IMG-9135Yes exactly. I really am talking about Nail Health. Totally off topic I know but sometime Personal Work can not help but manifest in the physical. In the last year I have made significant in roads into changing my diet. as you may have picked up from previous posts I consider myself to be a flexitarian. Yes one of those that eats what I want when I want and feels quite proud of it. Now I am about to open the door to one of the lesser enlightened corridors of my life and I do hope that you are able to maintain some kind of perspective on the information that I am about to tell you.

Up until a year ago I ate meat and lots and lots of it. In fact in almost every meal. Just to be clear this is not my normal dietary design. It was something that had hit me as something of a lifestyle reality, rather than a lifestyle choice. Diet was increasingly hard to manage in a culture where being a vegetarian was consider a blight on society, than a progressive and healthy lifestyle choice. Unless of course you were just doing it to stay thin. Then that was of course perfectly reasonable and accepted. If your doing it simply to look good…… (vanity must have fallen of the list of the seven deadly sins). Anyways….. To consciously eat less meat was kind of like living a cultural purgatory (Can you tell I was raised catholic?) Where though shalt be judged for making your own choices.  Now I do try my best to not make sweeping statement about any culture or place. However let me clearly state that in some places the impacts of propaganda are clear and strong and free thought is not automatically welcomed. In fact, in some places facts can be aggressively denied by people that believe themselves to be both rational, reasonable and even intelligent. (I’m not talking about Trump (definitely Trump vibes though) Anyways I ended up eating a lot of meat in order to be culturally accepted and for a happier home life. Yes boo hoo, no back bone, none at all. Then from nowhere I was just like fuck this I  literally can not eat not one more beef sausage, not one (that wasn’t entirely true I meant for that day and extended period of time following).

As I work diligently towards having a happier, healthier, flexitarian diet. The big thing is, along with increased energy levels and the will to face another meal the biggest difference I’ve noticed is my nails. When I was eating meat they were like dull rough claws covered by ridges and dents. I knew that the over consumption of meat had been the cause. It made me wonder about all the hormones I was eating, very little of the meat was organically or locally sourced, yuck!!!! Anyways now I have dramatically reduced my meat intake I’m happy to say that after a year my nails are looking a lot better. So yes Nail Health a big indicator of how your diet is….

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