What is Emotional Mapping?


Emotional Mapping is the name of a number of processes that I have created that helps us gain a better understanding of our emotional states. Where they come from. What there connected to and provides us with clues as to what might cause us to repeat the same patterns over and over again.

For years I’ve been concerned with the idea of Emotional Health rather than Mental Health. As ideas of Mental Health are linked to dysfunctional thought patterns that are all caught up in the idea of thinking our way out of our challenges or problems. Mind over matter. If we can control our thoughts we can control our feelings, that we can compartmentalise our lives and move forward without addressing how we feel. At large feelings and emotions have become demonised as unnecessary and frivolous parts of the human experience. In my humble opinion, that’s bullshit and it is symptomatic of the world that we have grown to accept. Thinking just can’t get us where we need to be anymore. We need to feel our way to healing. Guess what I am not a human-robot and you aren’t either. Nor do you have to be.

Of course, being able to control our emotions is important. Our emotions only become unmanageable if we have refused to feel or acknowledge them and devise way to act on their guidance. Feeling gives us a way out of many of what might be considered self-sabotaging or self-destructive cycles and even learned helplessness. Especially today when so many of the worlds ‘solutions’ are the source of the world’s challenges. Anxiety paralysis is very real and becoming a very large component of the everyday emotional environment. Are we helping or harming? We simply don’t know and so we falter.

Considering what we feel can give us a clear idea of what the solution might be. Our feelings are our personal life navigation tool. If it makes you feel bad it probably isn’t good for you. I for one am not a fan of yoga. I love dancing.  All my friends love yoga and expose all the benefits for them regularly and yet I still love dancing. Dancing makes me happy. There is no one size fits all approach to health or healing emotional mapping helps you navigate what works for you. It’s all about you and nobody else because nobody else feels the way you do. We are all unique. As humans, that is our superpower and our feelings lead us directly to the personal gifts that we have to share.

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