Reprogramme your brain. Time is not linear. Fuck the Queens Enlgish it’s time to reclaim the exiled children of empire.

I realise I have been lazy. What exactly was a I writing about in my last post and was it white centering? Of course it was I’m a white woman pointing fingers, exploding her brain onto social platforms. Asking bigger question than I can articulate without addressing some of the key issues of being a colonialist? For fuck sake and I feel I have the right to dish out advice like sweeties. It’s mental out there. Or is it mental in here?

So lets go back a few weeks when I was writing about Environmental Activism and declaring that I was taking a trauma-informed approach to healing. Then I went on to explore my privilege at length. In wishy washy non-committal ways without coming straight out and saying I’m privileged. I have the right to winge about lostness and diaspora having actively chosen exile in my life. I know. I’m so up my own arse sometimes.

Now I am about to write about all my justifications for writing about decolonisation as a white person. As a Scottish person. Identity politics is a trick I realise. Fuck or is it? It seems based on separation consciousness, where you might never be white enough or black enough for that matter. Language, religion and class all become strange caveats into which we have to disect or direct our behaviour. Have you met any trustafarian or the squatacracy lately? They might actually have dipped out of fashion or as I premised many years ago, got to the age where coming of age seems to be necessary due to inheritance.

I’m interested in whiteness and what causes it. I mean maybe I should use a video of a Trump rally as an example. Then again though Trump’s actually orange (You see how complicated the race is?). I think the you’ve been tangoed nuance might not go down well here. The thing is Trump is traumatised you don’t get diagnosed by a collective of psychiatrists by your televise performance as president as Narcissitice Personality Disorder otherwise. How undignified for all involved. So yes trauma and psychopathy seem to be leading the world leaders.

What if it wasn’t so much about decolonisation as it was about de-traumatisation? That’s where I am at. A reconcillaratory experience for all. Even the trees and all other Earthlings. Of course black live matter. It obvious people of colour are not the source of systemic racism or systemic trauma. It’s time for whiteness to take a long hard look at itself.

Why do I have the right to write about decolonisation? What has it got to to do with me? I’m bored, enraged and momentarily apopletic at the global system and the fuckery of global decision makers. The systems problem is it fucking terrifies people, regularly. That is truama. The other kind the dull controlling montinoues encroaching systemic intrusion of the quacks delivering daily oppression we either avoid or ignore. Without much success, unless of course you’ve got power or money. Those two things actually make you a consumable. I bet you never see it that way. Marketing makes you consumptive. Hmm I need to a rethink a few things if that is the case.

What has 2020 been about if it hasn’t been about decolonising and rewilding? It’s about uncivilising our straight lined and grand structure that does nothing more than enslave us.

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