You Are Here

Last year 2020 (Yes that one) I started out on creating a free course called The Free Buffett, that could be used by those experieincing trauma. 2020 being the year that it was my course didn’t get very far off the ground, even though the ground work was there. This year after reassessing it’s contents I decided to use the course segments titles to inspire each of my weekly blog posts. The first of these titles being ‘You Are Here’. It’s a stange title to begin with, I know, yet if I explain it it might begin to make more sense. You see it really is quite straight forward. You are here. Right here exactly where you are. You exist and it seems like a very good place to get started, in the quest to both heal trauma and the journey to reclaim your infinte power. It’s a really exciting concept. That no matter where you are? There you are. If you know where you are you might be able to figure out where you are going? I thought it was quite a funny title as it made me think of one of those tourist maps that you find at an amusement park or country park. We often don’t know where we are standing unless we have taken the time to look. It’s a strange question too as we often don’t think about our lives in terms of where we are. We don’t think about the unseen landscape that surrounds us. And there is one.

You see all our lives are made up of multiple elements from how we feel? Who we are in relationship with? Where we live? and what we think? Life can be super complicated and we carry so many unspoken things it can be difficult to to even consider the emotional landscape within us. Much less express it or convey it to sombody else. Often we just don’t have the resources and in particular time to understand, appreciate and acknowledge how we are feeling. Where we are? Where we are going? or where we want to be?

You see when we grow up in traumatised landscapes we often don’t have access to the feelings we need to make a better life for ourselves. In fact much of our positive emotions are considered to be toxic. Joy can be scary, happiness dangerous. hope deceitful. What happens to our inner landscapes when nothing every changes? Nothing gets better? When everyone around us is stuck and we are trapped along with them? Trying to get out, leave or take a step in different, new or upward direction can be terrifying. It can feel like any form of movement might kills us.

Obviously this might not be you. I totally get that. What I am really asking is; Do you know where you are? If you were to draw a map of your life where do the monsters live? Are the gremlins inside your head allocated a reasonable amount of space to speak and if so where do they meet? Where does fear live in your everyday life? What brings you joy? What make you happy? Where do you find peace? What are you seeking to experience and where do you think you will find it? If you were in perfect flow where would you flow too with and inbetween? It’s time to open up your emotional landscape and take the next best step you can even if that just means reading the map for a little while. It’s nice to get some options of where you would like to go. Remember when the scary places on the map seemed like the most exciting?

This article was written to accompany the Trauma Wise Circle

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